Many people have wondered

if they need a survey of their country
, for either personal or professional person reasons. Whether it is for ownership or selling a holding, making improvements to an existing site, or determining the exact boundaries of a holding,

land surveys are necessary to provide accurate, reliable information

regarding holding lines.

What Is a Land Survey?

Land surveys are a necessity to

determine the property lines and location of features

in an area. These surveys are the simply mode to know exactly where one belongings ends and another begins. Land surveys are not only useful for settling property disputes, simply they can likewise help brand sure that y’all meet any legal requirements when making changes to your holding.


What Is a Land Survey?

What Does a Land Survey Include?

A land survey is used to

mark the exact boundaries of a property’s expanse
. They also mark the location and dimensions of other buildings and site improvements that are on the property.

Why Do I Need a Country Survey?

Land surveys are

useful for many things that any homeowner might need

at one fourth dimension or another. Whether you lot want to know your backdrop boundaries for personal reference, or are making changes or improvements,

land surveys can assist with

  • Locating exact property lines.
  • Obtaining title insurance.
  • Finding easements.
  • Building any new structures.
  • Updating an old survey.
  • Complying with your mortgage requirements.
  • Settling property line disputes.
  • Locating utility lines.
  • Knowing exactly what property you are purchasing.
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If your land survey hasn’t been updated in contempo years, it may reference landmarks that aren’t on the property anymore, and a surveyor can provide electric current, authentic belongings lines. The surveyor tin as well fine new reference points for the property’s boundaries.

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How Long Is a Country Survey Adept?

Land surveys don’t necessarily come with an expiration date, but they human action every bit a snapshot of your property; anytime changes are made on your property or your neighbour’s state, the one-time survey becomes inaccurate.

If you are planning on buying or selling a home, most lenders and buyers will desire a

recent, up-to-date land survey
. Anything from a new contend to an added deck or puddle tin can render your sometime survey obsolete; it’south good to accept a surveyor

mark your property before making improvements

The amount of time that a surveyor volition guarantee their documentation of your property

varies from state to state
. Notwithstanding, they will typically be liable for the accuracy of a survey for 5 to ten years.

Types of Land Surveys

The city of Chicago

There are

multiple types of land surveys
; the one that you need to get depends on the reason for needing a survey. Professional surveyors tin embrace annihilation from locating holding lines to splitting parcels of country; they can take intendance of your

specific real estate needs

ALTA Survey

American Land Title Association (ALTA) surveys

are typically performed when you are buying a home.

Also known as a mortgage survey
, title companies typically require these to be done before issuing title insurance. Many lenders volition also require an ALTA survey before they will provide financing for the mortgage.

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Who Performs ALTA State Surveys?

Purlieus Survey

Boundary surveys are used to determine the

location of boundaries and corners

on a piece of property. These surveys provide an authentic, verbal measurement of property lines in an area. Boundary surveys are generally used to settle a legal dispute over land,

locate easements
, or for your personal records.

Location Survey

Location surveys are very similar to boundary surveys, but they also

include improvements made on the holding

. They evidence and marker the size and location of improvements, along with the measurements of the altitude between them and the boundary lines of the property. Location surveys are normally a requirement to

obtain a zoning permit

Subdivision Survey

Subdivision surveys are used when you demand to

split up parcels of country into multiple areas

to build a subdivision. They are necessary to create subdivision plats, and they have to be filed in state records at the recorder’s part. These surveys are required for the structure of a subdivision.

Site-Planning Survey

Site-planning surveys, or

plot plans
, are used in planning the

developments for site improvements
. The proposed structure or comeback is fatigued inside the current boundary survey, and the site-planning survey is typically required to use for and obtain a edifice permit.

Structure Survey

Construction surveys are designed to prove structure workers

what areas to build on

and mensurate the

distance between the planned improvements
. Surveyors performing a structure survey will stake out and mark the locations of planned improvements and structures on the property.

Topographical Survey

Topographical surveys show the

location of man-fabricated and natural features

that prevarication on a belongings. Surveyors will mark everything from fences and buildings to trees and rivers; they likewise record these features’ elevations. Engineers and architects use topographical surveys to plan for site improvements.

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How Much Does a State Survey Cost?

Multiple variables factor into the toll of a land survey
: the blazon of survey, the shape and size of the property, location, and the travel time for the surveyor.

ALTA surveys

are generally more expensive than something like a boundary survey because of the actress time and effort that goes into researching existing documentation and the number of details that accept to exist provided.

The average cost to hire a land surveyor is around $500, merely this number can vary greatly depending on many factors; it could exist less or much more

depending on your needs and property

Who Pays for the Land Survey: The Seller or Buyer?

Many people wonder who volition accept to pay for a required land survey when buying or selling a home. Who has to pay will

differ from state to state
, but, in well-nigh areas, the buyer is responsible for paying for the services, or it is negotiable betwixt the two parties.


Does a Buyer or Seller Pay for a Land Survey?

Where to Get a Copy of the Virtually Recently Recorded State Survey?

There are a few

different places yous tin go a re-create of your property’s nigh recent land survey
. Y’all can typically

get a certified copy of the survey

from the building department or state recorder’south offices. You lot may also find the survey records from the local tax assessor’south office or the company that issued your title insurance.

Endmost Remarks

Equipment used for land surveying

When hiring a surveyor to perform a service on your property, information technology’south essential to choose a certified professional to ensure that your country survey is washed correctly and is 100% accurate.

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