When Angels Land” Sheet Music

When Angels Land” Sheet Music.

Hallmark’s ‘A Christmas Love Story’ Stars Kristin Chenoweth and ‘Angels’
December five, 2019

(L-R) Scott Wolf, Kristin Chenoweth in ‘A Christmas Honey Story’/Authentication Channel

Hallmark Channel Christmas movies are heavy on cocoa, Santa Claus, holly, presents, mistletoe and eggnog, but they’re pretty low-cal on the reason for the season. Kristin Chenoweth is doing a bit virtually that in
A Christmas Honey Story.

Ambulation Saturday, Dec. 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, the Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation (directed by Eric Shut) stars the Emmy and Tony Awards-winner (who’s also an executive producer) equally a former Broadway star and current youth-choir managing director in New York City, who’s tasked with writing an original vocal for the choir’southward large Christmas Eve concert.

Things have an interesting turn when a boy (Kevin Quinn) with an amazing vocalisation shows upwards at a rehearsal, followed by his handsome, widowed father (Scott Wolf). The storyline also touches on a subject close to Chenoweth’s heart — but that would be telling.

The result is a charming, heartfelt (and even sniffle-inducing) film with more than Christ in it than most Authentication offerings, as the choir sings
Silent Night
and other sacred carols, and Chenoweth — a song Christian — throws a spiritual twist in for her original melody,
When Angels Land
(hither recorded at the same screening where I saw the movie).

Chenoweth also headlines the 16th almanac
Christmas With the Tabernacle Choir, airing as a 1-hour special on PBS on Monday, Dec. 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT (cheque local listings), and every bit a 90-minute special on BYUtv (because, despite the name alter, this is yet the Mormon Tabernacle choir), on Th, December. nineteen, at 7 p.m. and x p.yard. ET/PT.

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Decked out in a succession of stunning gowns by Christian Soriano, Chenoweth joins the 600-voice choir and a total orchestra for a dark of classic carols (both sacred and secular) and festive pop holiday hits.

I recently got on the phone with the extra and vocalist to talk about her Merry Chenoweth Christmas.

“I do honey Christmas,” she says. “This is my 6th Christmas pic, and I’ve done then many. But this one probably will be the near special, for obvious reasons, just considering it’southward close to my heart.”

Asked what it means to have both
A Christmas Love Story

and the Tabernacle Choir special airing in the same December (and a Netflix movie called
Holidate, due out side by side year), Chenoweth says, “OK, so I taped that special last November, beginning of December, because I was there for two weeks. And and then I had a break. In February, I started
A Christmas Love Story; and in Apr, I started
for Netflix.

“Then, I’ve been doing vacation movies from February to July. To be honest with you, I’m ready for Christmas. I’m prepare. Permit’s allow information technology just hurry upwardly and come out.”

Chenoweth wrote
When Angels Land
with land singer Chely Wright. She didn’t perform information technology with the Tabernacle Choir, but she says she did get to do it in concert on Broadway.

“The reaction to the vocal was and then big,” she says. “I guess when Chely and I were writing it, nosotros knew what the subject we were writing it about was. Nosotros knew the assignment, if you will, only I just tin’t wait for people to hear information technology.

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“This will be the beginning time that I have a song I’ve written in a movie that I’ve been in. I’one thousand very excited almost that. I knew that in that location are lots of people who aren’t celebrating the reason for the season, and that’s just fine. That’southward what makes the states all be able to alive for complimentary in this country.

Photo credit: Cody Bell

“But when I wrote the words, ‘descending from the Heavens, like these gifts upon the these leaves, we share goodwill for all, they environment us as they sing,’ that was my way of maxim, that’s the Lord. That’s just how I did information technology. It’s subliminal, but it’southward in there.”

She continues, “I’1000 not perfect. I brand decisions that some Christians wouldn’t make. I am and so still on my journeying, right? But I desire to exist a light (for kids). It struck me in that moment that that’s one of my purposes.”

Chenoweth is likewise working on a faith-centric movie of her own.

“It volition be a comedy,” she says. “Information technology will be religion-based because, the truth is, Christian people everywhere, we tin go our panties in a wad harder than anybody. If nosotros can’t laugh at ourselves, then we got real bug. Then I am writing and producing a motion picture, and information technology will be a comedy. God will be there. How’southward that?”

Chenoweth says the movie volition probably be shot in Nashville, perhaps ready to come up out after Thanksgiving next twelvemonth, and, “Not Hallmark. I tin can’t say where.”

Here’s a gustation of
A Christmas Love Story:

Christmas With the Tabernacle Choir:

Images: Hallmark Channel (A Christmas Love Story); Cody Bell (Tabernacle Choir)

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When Angels Land” Sheet Music

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